Return YouTube Dislike

Published on June 10, 2022


Returns ability to see dislikes Return YouTube Dislike restores the ability to see dislikes on YouTube.

Starting December 13th 2021, YouTube removed the ability to see dislikes from their API.

This extension aims to restore power to users by using a combination of archived like and dislike data, as well as the likes and dislikes made by extension users to show the most accurate ratings.

Currently has 200+ million videos likes/dislikes data stored before December 13th, 2021 Actively growing and keeping up to date with uploads after December 13th, 2021 The more users that use the extension, the more accurate it will be Unpopular videos uploaded after December 13th,

2021 may have less accurate data shown than more popular videos. This extension is currently in an active development phase, so if you experience any issues, don’t hesitate to report them on our GitHub page or in our Discord server. 

Thank Dmitrii Selivanov & Community



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