Why are short link important?

Published on November 06, 2022

Link shortening tools are useful for both professionals and consumers. It helps to reduce the length of the URL into a more manageable link. You can also use this tool to make the meaningless address translation easier to understand.

Benefits of shortening links

1. Reduce the number of characters when sharing on social networks

Nowadays, most people use social networks. Therefore, sharing links on these platforms is a good way for your channel to reach as many customers as possible.

However, their attention is often quite short on social media platforms due to the sheer volume of content. Therefore, you need to post information that is short, concise but still attractive. On the other hand, social networks often limit the number of characters or the time of posting. Therefore, shortening the sharing link in this case is really necessary.

For example, if you put a link on a TikTok video without shortening the share URL, you will see half of the screen covered with text. It's bad isn't it?

2. Make URLs friendly and easy to remember

Although web addresses are often simple and easy to remember, sometimes they still have long, confusing URLs. For example, when you share your Google Drive profile with an employer, you will receive a link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d1f5bpT55X5kFTyvGl9PzLfGp30bJwN3/view?usp=sharing to send them. Although it is easy for people to click on this link, when they copy or enter the above address, there may be missing characters.

Instead of making it so long, you can shorten the link, making it easier to read, for example : https://1bestlinks.net/RKXeQ

3. Featured branding and marketing

One of the best things link shortening has to offer is creating branded links. That means, you can change the link to match the company's branding or marketing programs. While pages on the web will use web addresses, it's not true for other tools you might use.

For example, if you use Google Forms to create a questionnaire, the address of the form will be the basic Google link. However, if you use shortened links, then you can change the address to a form that better represents the brand.

You can also shorten links by events, such as yourcompany.com/third-anniversary-discount. This way, the URL changes from an address to the page and turns it into a marketing tool.

4. Click tracking and more

When running a marketing program, information is king. Understanding the customer hierarchy will tell you how they interact with your product and meet their needs. URL shortening will help you do that.

The reason is because shortening links not only reduces the length of the web address, but also helps you determine where your customers are, how they found the page, the device they were using when accessing that link and much more.

Those metrics will help you determine the effectiveness of your ads. From there, you can build a better strategy. For example: https://1bestlinks.net/ provided free link shortening service

5. Deep link to the app 

If you've developed an app for your business, you probably want customers to log in and use it, too. In addition to running a strong marketing campaign, using deep links is also encouraged to use. This method redirects open links in the browser to the application.

For example, let's say you are the owner of a coffee shop and have just launched a new drink. Instead of linking the web address on the order button in Instagram Story, you can use the deep link to open the automated ordering app. This action simplifies the user interaction with the brand, allowing them to order the desired drink directly from the shortened link, without having to open the website or log in as usual.


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